Venice gondolier:
who loves you?

“The show began with “Let’s Hang On” and “Sherry.” When lead tenor Maricondi added his falsetto to “Sherry” everyone knew we were in for a special ‘night.’”

“Maricondi had a voice that does not quit and would take over the stage if it weren’t for the other three singers of equal talent.”
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“While the singers make a fine team, each retains his own personality. Maricondi, the shortest, moves most energetically.”

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Total Theatre:
Who Loves You?

"Rounding out the ensemble is the talented Michael Maricondi as Mercury, Cupid's childhood friend and partner in crime.  Mr. Maricondi is a delight in this role, as well as in an assortment of ancillary characters, mostly busybody gods, who interact with Venus and Cupid.  As a single guy who doesn't date much if at all, Mercury bemoans losing his pal to this new young woman.  "They're playing patty-cake; I'm playing solitaire," he sings in the showstopper "I Hate Love."

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new york times: Cupid & Psyche

Talkin' Broadway:
Cupid & Psyche

"Michael Maricondi has a deft comic touch as Mercury, a god who allows himself to be treated more as a manservant because of both his immature boyishness and affection for Cupid.  A typical sample of the play's humor is when Cupid, hiding his identity while courting Psyche, passes off Mercury as his servant "Jeevicles."  The story, which hews very closely to the mythological original, also finds Maricondi playing Pan, Cerberus and several others to good comic effect."

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Curtain up:
Cupid & Psyche

"One might think that the comely lovers or even the hoydenish Venus would be in charge of musical's most engaging action. But no, it's magical Mercury, as played with breathless brio by Maricondi who deserves the most accolades. It has been decreed by the gods that Maricondi play all the small roles. . . in a big way. He has also mastered the glib and witty lyrics so that they literally dance like quick steps off his tongue. With comedic aplomb, the tubby and terrific Maricondi breezes through all the nonsensical ado. And he carries a tune or two as well."

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"Mercury (Michael Maricondi) is no shrinking violet to the cast of four as Cupid's sidekick, who is torn between obeying Venus, staying loyal to his best friend, and combating his own inner demons.  Maricondi has a powerful voice that can bring the house down.  In addition to appearing in many new musicals in New York, Maricondi is a playwright himself, with a sellout of "What Fairy Tale is This, Anyway?!" at the Producer's Club in New York.  He is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School and is also both a voice teacher and acting coach."

The 4th Wall:
Cupid & Psyche

Cupid & Psyche

 "Doubling as Mercury, Pan and assorted suitors and mythical monsters, a manic, mugging Michael Maricondi runs amok spreading vaudevillian gags, puns and double entendres."

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"Short and stocky alongside his Olympian peers, Maricondi is the tireless energy source of this show, playing a somehow believable Mercury in addition to the gods Pan, Neptune, Athena and Proserpine — as well as the hellhound Cerberus, a gargoyle and sundry other comical cameos. The character man sets the pace for much of the onstage action and has some fine vocal contributions to offer, particularly in "One Little Arrow," a duet with Reid."

Asbury Park Press:
Cupid & Psyche

"The delicious bravura performance of the afternoon came from Peter Chocolate Cowboy (Michael Maricondi) who doubled as Dustmite Carl in the jive duet with Janet."

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"Best performance: Michael Maricondi is relatively watchable as the nerdy Nate. But that’s not saying much."

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Ian farrington:
Dracula Reborn